Tips To Prepare For CSS Medical and Psychological Test

It is the desire of every talented candidate to be a part of bureaucracy for the sake of performing different operations in the country. But for this purpose, they are required to pass the FPSC CSS exams. Moreover, students are required to pass the three stages of the exams to be a part of federal ministries or departments. These stages are named as a written exam, medical exam, and psychological & viva voce. The candidates must perform exceptionally in all these exams. The CSS written exam is managed first and the result of this exam is also announced first. After that, the qualified candidates are called for the interviews (Medical & Psychological Tests). It is informed you that the CSS exams are managed in the month of November and after a few months of the exams the CSS result is announced.

Tips To Prepare For CSS Medical and Psychological Test

It seems that there are many people who think and say that only the written exam is more important. And candidates must prepare well for this exam. But we say that all sections of the CSS exams carry equal worth for the candidates. Because the medical and psychological test describes the mental and physical health of the candidates. We are also providing you some tips related to the medical and psychological tests.

  • The purpose behind the commencement of the CSS medical test is to check or verify either a candidate has any kind of injury or mental sickness. So, it is advised to all the candidates that you should have a proper medical test from a well-recognized sector before appearing in the CSS medical test.
  • You should prepare yourself for the different types of questions about your personality. Like the panel ask questions about the things you like and dislike about your parents or your childhood memory etc.
  • Create an environment and prepare yourself for group discussions. In the group discussion, you present your idea about an issue and argue with others. By this, you are able to adopt a moderate stance. It will tell about your personality that you are very confident in your knowledge and arguments.
  • Try to ask different questions to yourself and answer these questions. Moreover, you must try to answer one question in multiple ways. It helps you to get different perspectives of one problem.
  • Start reading the newspaper on a daily basis and observe the issues from different angles. It helps you to build your opinion on different issues. And also helps you to cover or resolve these issues.

You are advised to get all other associated information about the CSS exams as well as CSS final results from here.

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